Tips for the protection and care of your parquet flooring

Solid parquet flooring is an extremely durable floor that will last for generations. With the right protection and conditions, it will always provide a warm and cozy feeling in your home. It is one of the few flooring materials that can be refinished to look like new. It is therefore the perfect combination of durability, comfort and beauty.

An important condition for the longevity of a parquet floor is a favourable indoor climate with a temperature of around 20°C and a relative humidity of 50-60%. The climatic conditions can be monitored with a humidity metre, which is especially important during the heating season. The optimal relative humidity can be maintained with the help of humidifiers.

In order for the parquet to last as long as possible, proper maintenance and care are also required.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle, a soft broom or a cloth to remove dirt. Floor mats prevent dirt and grit from entering the room. If you are placing furniture in a room with new or refinished hardwood floors, protect the feet with felt. Special attention should be paid to the casters of chairs. These are usually plastic and should be replaced with rubber wheels to prevent dents in the parquet.

We use products intended for cleaning and maintenance of parquet floors. It is best to ask the parquet manufacturer or installer for information on maintenance.

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