About us

Wood is nature’s precious gift. Šiles has been producing solid parquet flooring, stairs, railing, skirting boards, outdoor terraces and inlaid wood more than 50 years. Quality is our guiding principle from the beginning of processing to the final product and installation. Enjoy a warm and natural surface beneath your feet with the Šiles’s parquet flooring. Bring nature into your home.

We offer a wide range of wood products. You can find everything in one place – visit our showroom in Tomačevica, Karst and see for yourself. We will advise you according to your preferences and requirements and come up with the best solution. We can advise you on the parquet flooring and installation type for new constructions, reconstructions and underfloor heating. Based on our experience and knowledge, we will find you the best solution. We have a wide range of parquet flooring, such as classic solid parquets, plank flooring, industrial parquets, lamparquets, two-layer pre-finished parquets, three-layer pre-finished parquets, bathroom parquets, outdoor terrace elements, façade wood, edging, medallions and custom-made flooring. We will advise you and come up with the optimal solution regarding the thickness, colour and finishing of your parquet flooring. We also carry out various kinds of parquet works – according to your wishes, we can varnish, oil, wax, paint or brush your parquet flooring. We only use organic materials from the best manufacturers from all over the world. We add a special touch to residential and commercial buildings, hotels, terraces, theatres, castles, dance halls, gyms and religious buildings and enrich them with wood. We produce various types of stairways and railings from all tree species. We draw up stairway plans following room requirements and the customers’ wishes and find the optimal solution. We also produce internal doors, skirting boards, balcony railings, handles, wood worktops, shelves and other joinery products, custom-made furniture, carpentry, etc. All our products are professionally installed and come with a warranty. We represent Chimiver adhesives, oils and varnishes as well as an Italian company, Klindex, which is the top manufacturer of machines for grinding parquet flooring, stone and concrete.