Self-supporting staircase to order

Self-supporting staircase is an increasingly popular trend with a modern look. The cantilever design allows for greater breathability, light penetration and space utilisation.

We specialise in the production and installation of self-supporting staircases, either

  • made entirely of wood or
  • have the wooden stairs mounted on a metal or inox structure.

The wooden part can be brushed, lacquered, oiled or stained in the desired colour to match the other wooden elements in the room.

The choice of the right railing and good lighting of the staircase also play an important role. The staircase is designed according to the customer's wishes and the actual dimensions of the room. We make a drawing and perform a static calculation.

We advise our customers on the choice of design, tree species and finishes, and together we find the optimal and aesthetically perfect staircase for your home.

Unlike console stairs, the construction of self-supporting stairs is visible.