Rustic parquet production and installation

Solid rustic parquet is made of wide planks of selected tree species. It has a long tradition, having been used in almost all farmhouses, and some have survived to this day.

Floors covered with wide planks remind us of old times, but can still be perfectly combined with modern elements and materials.

Solid rusitc parquet is durable and long-lasting and it can also be restored. It is manufactured in different dimensions,

  • from 110 - 300 mm wide and
  • up to 2000 mm long and
  • in 15 mm or 20 mm thickness.

These types of floors are made from different species of trees and are classified in different quality classes.

Properly manufactured and prepared rustic floors in the thickness of 15 mm can be installed even on the floor with underfloor heating. Rustic floors are glued to the floor, they can be brushed, hand-treated, aged, oiled, varnished, heat-treated and painted to order.

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