Skirting boards to order

Skirting boards are an elegant transition between the wall and the parquet floor. They protect the walls from possible damage and visually enrich the room. We manufacture all types of wooden skirting boards. From classic to slightly more striking shapes and colours, or completely according to your taste.

We offer:

  • floor skirting boards for all types of flooring (parquet, laminate, ceramic, etc.);
  • ceiling skirting boards that elegantly round off the angle between ceiling and wall;
  • decorative skirting boards are a popular finishing element for stoves, shelves;
  • skirting boards that are suitable for various claddings around doors, windows;
  • balcony skirting boards for balcony railings;
  • corner skirting boards; and
  • other skirting boards to order.

Skirting boards are painted, oiled or varnished in the desired colour and installed according to the customer's wishes.


Skirting boards

Floor skirting board 60x10mm
Floor skirting board 70x15mm
Floor skirting board 60x20mm
Floor skirting board 60x15mm
Floor skirting board 60x15mm
Floor skirting board 80x15mm
Floor skirting board 60x20mm
Ceiling skirting board 10x10mm
Ceiling skirting board 35x30mm
Ceiling skirting board 20x20mm
Ceiling skirting board 20x20mm
Ceiling skirting board 17x17mm

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