Wood is considered one of the most valued natural materials; it is warm, antistatic and elastic. It enables healthy living and is a suitable flooring for allergy sufferers, not to mention its environmental advantages. Wood flooring creates a homely atmosphere, adds warmth to your home and maintains the beauty of wood. Wood flooring is suitable for all the rooms in your home. The right types can also be used in damp rooms and outdoors. The quality of wood flooring depends on the wood quality and type, as well as on surface protection. Solid wood floorings are considered a long-term investment and can be used for several generations if correctly maintained.

It is the best thing you can offer yourself and your family in your new or renovated home. Solid parquet flooring is indestructible and can survive multiple generations, since it is the only flooring that can be as good as new when renovated. It is therefore a superb combination of sustainability, comfort and beauty.


As wood is a living, changing material, it is very important that you see the right samples before purchasing a parquet floor. The samples must be varnished or otherwise protected, since the wood hue changes when coated with varnish, oil or wax. Printed catalogue photos are not a suitable criterion for the choice of colours.

However, once laid, the flooring will never be exactly the same as the patterns, since the texture of each tree is different. Each plank is unique. That is what makes the parquet flooring so valuable.

Wood colour is also influenced by lighting and sunlight, which induce the oxidation process. It is important to be aware that wood oxidation is a natural process that cannot be prevented. However, a proper light distribution can enable an even effect.