Our solid parquet flooring and installation by experienced and qualified experts come with a warranty on the complete service. The warranty only applies when the instructions on parquet flooring maintenance are followed.

Since reckless deforestation is one of the culprits of global warming, it is important to know the origin and background of the product you are buying. Luckily, more and more conscious people want organically produced and installed flooring. There are also many manufacturers and fitters who own a certificate indicating that they are eco-conscious and stick to the certificate’s rules. The FSC and PEFC certificates prove that our company cares about the environment and only uses wood that is cut according to the certificate’s regulations. This means that no protected forests were cut down, no woodland clearance was made, that foresters’ labour rights were respected and the natural environment was preserved. The FSC and PEFC certificates ensure that the product complies with the entire chain of control. The consumer can follow the chain of suppliers and see in which forest the wood was cut. End customers therefore know they have bought a product that respects environmental, social and economic aspects.