Based on years of experience in laying parquet flooring, we recommend solid parquets for heated floors. As the water in the pipes does not exceed 30° C, underfloor heating is designed to work at low temperatures. There are no major temperature fluctuations and the heating is constant over the entire winter period, which enables the wood to heat and give off heat. The flooring is also pleasant to the touch in the summer when the underfloor heating is off.

Heated floors require a thin solid parquet; we produce solid parquet floorings that have tongue and groove joints, but are thinner than classic parquets – we recommend a thickness of 15mm for underfloor heating. Such flooring is resistant during all seasons; in the winter, when the heating is on, and in the summer, when the rooms are very humid.

The process of laying solid parquet flooring must be properly conducted, so it should be done by a professional expert. It is also necessary to meet the conditions of solid parquet installation on a heated floor. Our solid parquet flooring and installation by experienced and qualified fitters comes with a warranty on the complete service.

Solid parquet flooring is indestructible and can survive multiple generations. It is the only flooring that can be as good as new when renovated. Solid parquet flooring is therefore a superb combination of sustainability, comfort and beauty.