Stairs and railings

Stairways are no longer just a tool for climbing from one floor to another, but also a decoration. The right choice of stairs is therefore very important, since they enrich the room in combination with parquet flooring and give it a special touch.

Šiles has produced different types of stairways and railings from many tree species for 50 years. We draw up stairway plans following room requirements and customers’ wishes and find the optimal solution.

We make all types of stairways, from the simple straight ones to winding and spiral ones. The finishing of the stairway depends on the customers’ wishes; it can be varnished, oiled, bleached, stained, painted or brushed. All stairway elements are made of solid wood that is properly pre-dried and seasoned.

Concrete stairs can be covered in wood or it can be placed on an installed metal construction. We can also make stairways with treads or with both treads and risers. The latter can be made of wood, glass, ceramics, etc. The stairs can be made with or without nosing and can include LED lighting.

We also produce self-supporting stairs that can be of stainless steel or metal construction or are made entirely of wood. We can provide modern, trendy cantilevered stairs. A cantilevered metal frame is the base for seemingly floating treads.

Stairways also include railings that ensure safety and enrich your room. Railings can be made entirely of wood or of a stainless steel-wood or glass-wood combination. If your stairway is located between two walls, we can only install handrails and supports.

We also offer outdoor balcony railings. These can be made of wood, metal, stainless steel or in various combinations (for example, with glass).