Solid plank flooring is made of planks of different tree species. Plank flooring has a long tradition in Slovenia, since it was used in almost every farmhouse and some of them have maintained it to the present day. Plank flooring used to be nailed to the floor, while today it is glued, varnished and oiled. Planks are made in a traditional way; they are taken from the Karst rural environment, follow global guidelines for nature conservation and represent an example of natural residence of our time. Wide plank flooring can remind you of the old times or it can be placed in a modern environment with modern furniture, adding a special warmth to your room.

Plank flooring is resistant and durable, but it can also be renewed. Plank flooring is a solid high-quality flooring with a prestigious appearance. It is made of 110 to 200m wide, up to 2000mm long and 20 or 15mm thick planks. The flooring is made of various tree species and forms different quality classes. Properly made and prepared, 15mm wide plank flooring can be installed on heated floors. It is glued to the floor and can be brushed, hand-processed, aged, oiled, varnished, heat treated, bleached or stained.