A favourable room climate with a temperature of approx. 20°C and a relative humidity of 50 to 60% is a significant condition for the long lifespan of parquet flooring. Climate conditions can be monitored by a hygrometer, which is especially important during the heating season. The optimum relative humidity can be maintained using air humidifiers.

It is also necessary to ensure the proper maintenance and care of the parquet flooring. 
Dirt can be removed using a soft nozzle vacuum cleaner, a soft broom or a cloth. Doormats prevent dirt and sand from entering the room in the first place. When arranging furniture in a room with new or renovated parquet flooring, it is necessary to protect its legs with felt. Plastic wheels on chairs should be replaced with rubber ones in order to prevent dents in the parquet flooring. Use appropriate parquet cleaning and care products. For any information on maintaining your flooring, contact the manufacturer or parquet fitter. Our offer includes high-quality cleaning products for varnished and oiled flooring, renovation products for parquet flooring and outdoor surfaces, as well as all necessary cleaning and maintenance accessories. Please contact us for more information and order.