Outdoor wood: comfort, beauty, energy, functionality, nature... External wood surfaces are an increasingly common requirement of our customers: wood-covered terraces, balconies, pool areas, wellness centres, courtyards, outdoor courtyards, playgrounds, etc. A garden with outdoor wood flooring makes your home more valuable.

As it is, thanks to natural substances, resistant to rot, insects and mould without the use of harmful chemicals, the wood is perfect for outdoor flooring. It is therefore an environmentally sound product. Wood can be used for more than ten years without any special maintenance. Over the years, wood develops a nice grey colour, a phenomenon that can be slowed down using natural means of protection. We produce panels that you can install on your terrace yourself. The panels have various dimensions that meet the customers’ preferences and requirements. Standard panel dimensions are: 500x500x30mm and 1000x1000x42mm. Their special construction guarantees an outstanding stability and easy installation. We can also make a frame on which long planks are installed. They are fastened using stainless steel screws and joints. The slots between individual planks can be visible or hidden. The frame can be made of plastic elements or of the same wood as the flooring. Terraces can also have the appearance of ship’s deck, the slots between planks being filled with rubber. Various types of wood are used: Burmese teak, ipe lapacho, cumaru, jatoba, merbau, okan, etc.