Oak - the most popular tree species in carpentry and parquetry

Today is dedicated to oak - that extraordinary tree species that is so popular in the world of carpentry and parquet flooring. Why the oak is so popular, what distinguishes it and where it comes from, you will learn in the continuation of the article.


Oak, in Latin Quercus petraea, also known by many other names such as black oak or red oak, is one of the most popular tree species for the production of parquet. We know of more than 600 species, most of which are native to North America and Asia. It is a slow growing tree that can grow up to 40 feet tall. It has a very slender trunk that is branched only in the upper part. In this way we get wide, long wood elements with a relatively uniform structure - an excellent wood for carpentry and parquet.


  • The color of oak wood is unique - it ranges from soft yellow tones to a darker core - the heart. The varied and expressive veins of the wood are the highlight of the look. Despite its uniqueness, it looks extremely universal, making it suitable for any interior style.
  • The physical characteristics of oak include the grain and porosity that can be seen in any oak species. These two characteristics are not bad, on the contrary, they provide the strength and durability of the wood.
  • Oak parquet, like other types of parquet, is sensitive to light and is therefore subject to the effect of oxidation - a phenomenon caused by exposure to light. Oak parquet can therefore discolor slightly over time if oil is used for protection. The wood will then take on a beautiful warmer shade. If you want your oak parquet in lighter and slightly cooler shades, we recommend using lacquer as a protective layer.



Oak is a very popular wood used for high quality and valuable parquet.

  • The advantages of oak parquet undoubtedly include its esthetic aspect, its special beauty and charm, and the feeling of warmth it gives off. It is known to insulate heat and sound well. One of the benefits of hardwood floors is undoubtedly the feeling of intimacy and homeliness.
  • Oak wood can be adapted to almost any conditions and with some types of treatment, it can become even more moisture resistant: Therefore, this type of parquet is also suitable for bathrooms (Navtic oak) and kitchens.
  • Its durability must also be highlighted. In fact, oak parquet keeps its beauty even over time.
  • When you choose oak parquet, you are choosing a floor with high abrasion resistance. This is why parquet flooring is also used in sports facilities like volleyball courts, basketball courts, etc.
  • The environmental benefits of choosing engineered wood flooring are undeniable. The production, processing and disposal of wood uses much less energy than any other building material. In addition, once the felled trees are harvested, the forests are replanted and ready for the next generation. The increasing popularity of hardwood flooring today has also led to an increased commitment to reforestation. So the increased demand for wood is having a positive impact on the environment. The more trees we use, the more is reforested, because almost all the wood used in Europe comes from properly managed forests.
  • What's more, parquet can be fully recycled. It replaces alternatives such as steel, aluminum, concrete or plastic, which require a lot of energy to produce.
  • It reduces the greenhouse effect - in fact, wood plays an important role in reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the increasing use of wood products in place of other, less environmentally friendly materials will further reduce the negative impact humans have on the environment.

Regardless of its appearance, oak flooring adds a great touch to a room. It is one of the most elegant and pleasant types of wood around and has the power to create a warm, harmonious and comfortable environment.

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