Solid parquet flooring is the best thing you can offer yourself and your family in your new or renovated home. Classic parquet is a natural flooring that has been used for centuries; thanks to renovations, it can be used for multiple generations. Wood flooring is easy to maintain, allergy-friendly and antistatic. It enriches the room and gives it a warm and homely atmosphere. Thermal insulation is very good in all wood types, which is a highly welcome feature in the case of unheated floors. If your floor is unheated, you can choose one of the thick wood floorings, for example, classic parquet or strip flooring with a thickness of 20mm. Solid parquet flooring is indestructible and can survive multiple generations. It is the only flooring that can be as good as new when renovated. Solid parquet flooring is therefore a superb combination of sustainability, comfort and beauty.

Šiles produces various types of classic solid parquet flooring, which can be 10, 15 or 20mm thick, 50 to 300mm wide and 250 to 4000mm long.  As our production comprises wood from all over the world, we offer over 50 suitable tree species. All the flooring is sorted into several quality classes.  Some wood types can be treated in many different ways – by steaming, heat processing or smoking.

Parquet flooring can be installed in several ways – asymmetrically, symmetrically or diagonally. It can also be installed in accordance with the customer’s requirements and preferences: herringbone, chevron or brick pattern.

The parquet is glued to the ground and treated in various ways; it can be sanded or brushed, varnished, oiled, bleached, painted or waxed.

Certain types of 10 and 15mm thick flooring are also suitable for heated floors; we can install them for you and provide a warranty. Classic solid parquet flooring is an investment that can serve multiple generations.